The Original El Sombrero

Founded in 1981, El Sombrero Restaurant offered
its patrons authentic Mexican cuisine at affordable prices.
The Caballero Family retired in 2007.

Mission Statement
Mexican cuisine is a tradition of excellence combining the
experience of the many cultures that compose our vast
country. This cuisine style is made out of different Indian
cultures, consequently there are many styles that can be
presented like Olmeca, Zapoteca, Azteca, and the most
advanced of all cultures – The Mayas. Contrary to all beliefs,
Mexican food is not made with hot sauces, it is made mild and
tender to your taste, we make hot sauces if you wish to have
them. We were very thankful for sharing our experience and
happy to serve you while being good

Thank you for allowing us to prepare our authentic Mexican
Cuisine all these years.

Your Hosts,
The Caballero Family

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